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Grow with Us

Started back in 2012, Taco Boy business model is proven and a profit driven opportunity for the
people with solid business skills and not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work hard. Unlike
the big multinational, we will be there with you in each and every need and helping you
write your success story.


With growing Taco Boy and its customer base, you will experience personal growth and gain
management skills that you’ll find invaluable.


We welcome Expression of Interest from people who believe in themselves and have a vision
to excel in this multi billion dollar food industry.


With low cost investment, Extensive training, Profitable business model and higher Return on
Investment history, we offer one of the first of its kind of opportunity for a person or family.
It is easy to plug in and get along in writing the history of Taco Boy.

To be a part of what’s involved and what does it take:

  1. In this journey of growth and success, Taco Boy will be your only business.
  2. You need to be energetic and take a hands-on approach.
  3. For existing stores, ready to pay the goodwill it carries.
  4. Long term commitment (10 years at least).
  5. For newcomers (no business experience before), 6 months Operational training at one of our established stores is mandatory.
  6. For an experienced business owner, 6 weeks operational training at one of our established stores is mandatory.

Benefits of being a Taco Boy business partner:

  1. This will be your own business.
  2. You will be awarded with the sustainable, tried and tested business module.
  3. High return and low investment is proven.
  4. Better product Margin
  5. You will be contributing significantly to the Australian economy by providing employment and paying taxes.
  6. Quick appreciation in Goodwill of your store is guaranteed.
  7. Unlike the big multinationals, we know the grass root problems and how to get rid of them effectively.

Apply today:
Email us here with your CV and a Cover Letter explaining why you think you would be a great partner to Taco Boy for the coming years.
Click here to read our Franchise Booklet.